Queensland Medical Department Badge - Beware of Fakes

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The Queensland Medical Department badge was issued pre-Federation in Australia. No doubt there are real ones circulating but I understand that the original dies are now in England and are now back in use. As a result there are now a lot of good quality reproductions in circulation of this badge.

It is extremely hard to spot one from a photo as they are using the original dies. The securing lugs on the back may be a giveaway as little care has been given on some reproductions in their placement and as such you may find that they are offset instead of square with each other.

Another giveaway is that they have been 'aged' to look older. The one I has been held over a candle to get sooty and the black comes away very easily unlike an original badge which would have built up a natural dark patina over the last 100 years.

If you buy one clearly identified as a reproduction then thats fine. If you get one that isn't identified as such and thought you were buying an original then contact the seller - they may not realise its a reproduction and will hopefully agree to its return.

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