Questions to Ask to Help You Choose the Right Treadmill

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Having a treadmill in your house not only helps you maintain your fitness levels and improve your overall health it can save you time and money as you can simply roll out of bed and be exercising in minutes, no driving to the gym, parking hassles, membership fees, queuing for machines at peak times in the gym. You can save hours of your precious time and hundreds of dollars every year.

To help you choose the right treadmill here are a few questions for you to help you decide the best one for your needs.

1. How many years warranty does the manufacturer offer? On the Frame? On the Motor? and on the Parts/Electronics?

2. What is the maximum user weight recommended by the manufacturer?

3. How many hours per week does the manufacturer recommend you use the treadmill on average?

4. How much does the treadmill weigh and will the floor in your house where you are planning to position the treadmill be able to bear the
load of it?

5. Does the treadmill fold away for easy storage and is it simple to get back together again when you are ready to use it?

6. What type of speed control does the treadmill have - is it easy to use?

7. What speed is the motor - it is preferable that you get one with a motor of 2.5 Horse Power to make sure you get the best workout

8. Does it have in incline position control? Having this function will make your workout better for fat burning.

9. Is the machine noisy? Does it have inbuilt noise control functions?

10.Has the treadmill got a clear monitor display so you can easily see what functions you have set?

11. Does it have shock absorbtion built in so that you are not putting extra stress on your knees?

12. How energy efficient is the treadmill does it have some built in green power efficiencies?

13. Has the manufacturer of the treadmill got approved ISO9001 industry standards qualifications?

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