Quick Guide to Female Boxing Gloves

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Boxing gloves come in many different sizes (ounces or oz) styles and materials. when looking at purchasing a pair of boxing gloves you must determine what you are going to use the gloves for.

For example: if you are a looking at training at the local gym and doing mostly focus pad work, I would suggest a lighter training glove in a 10, 12 or 14 ounce gloves. I would always suggest that you wear hand wraps or quick wraps under any boxing gloves to further protect you hands and wrists (they also help with sweat)    

Gloves either come with traditional laces (shoe laces) or velcro wrist attachments,  for ease of putting gloves on and off, velcro is is by far the easiest and simplest method.

Bag gloves (normally cheap gloves that come free with a boxing bag) - I would pick them up and throw them in the nearest bin, they normally offer no protection and are poorly made - If hitting a heavy bag ...please use a heavier vinyl or leather glove (14 or 16 oz).
I recommend leather quality gloves, if you can afford them, as they are the most durable and hard wearing. If you are sparring a partner, hitting a bag or doing heavy boxing a leather, heavier glove is going to serve you best.

In summary...
wear hand wraps or quick wraps under any glove
don't use cheap bag mitts
If gym training - go with a quality lighter training glove
if boxing training hard - a heavier pro glove or boxing glove is best suited

When purchasing a pair of boxing gloves it is always a good idea to get, if you can, the opportunity to inspect the gloves and try them on.  

Remember that the glove should be made to protect your hands from the elements you are about to place them against, if they cannot protect you from hitting a bag, sparring another person or smashing some focus pads - please do not buy them.

Your hands, contrary to the old martial arts belief, will not get stronger from you hitting something and destroying your knuckles and wearing away bone cartlidge.   

*some specialized female fight wear companies (like boxing bitch) make the glove hand inner specially for females- they make pretty good gloves too..

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