Quicken Quickbooks - Don't buy used!

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If you are thinking about buying used Quicken software (e.g., Quickbooks 2005/06), you may want to reconsider your purchase...

***Quicken does not permit any of its products to be onsold

This means that the owner of a licensed Quicken product is not permitted to sell you the product that they own. Even if that seller gives you a receipt (or 'transfer papers'), he/she is nevertheless transgressing the license agreement under which the software was originally installed and used.

***Why is this important?

The upshot of this is that you (as the potential next buyer) will not be able to register your product with Quicken simply because you are not the original owner.

***Just to reiterate: Quicken does not permit any of its products to be onsold!
This restriction applies irrespective of whether the item is being sold publicly (as on Ebay), or privately (to a colleague, friend, or family member).

***If you ring Quicken (tel. 1300 784 253 in Australia), they will confirm this restriction
I was about to buy a used version of Quickbooks before I learned of this policy from Quicken customer service; thankfully, I did not proceed. The person I spoke to also advised that many people unwittingly buy used Quicken products off EBay that are effectively useless because the software cannot be registered a second time. (Each product has its own unique ID key; the license cannot be transferred.)

***And one last thing...

Just because something is described as "sealed" or in its "original box" doesn't mean that the product is new or that it hasn't been registered. (It could easily have been opened and used, and then resealed.) Caveat emptor - let the buyer beware!

Be careful if you are buying used Quicken products!

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