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R&L moved operations to Mexico in the early 70s where they produced lots of cereal toys (in many different colors than the original ones made in Australia) until they closed the factory in 1981. The molds were sold to small plastic toys manufacturers. This small factories produced many of the R&L repros currently been sold on ebay.com. My advice to any one interested in collect original cereal toys made in Mexico by R&L is to contact the seller if they are original or fake. The fakes are easy to detect due to the poor quality plastic used to produce them. Now, the number of serious cereal toys collectors in Mexico is very limited, most of the original premium toys ended in the garbage so I can guarantee that over 90% of the mexican cereal toys been sold on ebay these days are reproductions. Find an original mexican cereal toy from the 50s/60s/70s in these days is very hard even in Mexico. Since the originals only shows up from time to time is almost impossible to believe some sellers are offering huge lots of 20, 30 or more cereal toys (Astro-nits, Tooly-birds) as originals. That is absolutely impossible, clearly all of them are fakes. Those sellers must be honest enough to mention in their descriptions that their toys are reproductions made only a few years a go and no original pieces from the sixties or seventies. By the way, those reproductions are usually sold in large lots in mexican markets for less than one-dollar, they are not been inserted in cereal boxes any more. My best recommendation for you is to purchase mexican cereal toys only if they come mint in the original packet or mint in the original frame. The original ones manufactured directly by R&L, are easy to recognize because the R&L logo appears on the frame or the text "Made in Australia" sometimes appears also on the frame (aparently it took sometime before that text was finally removed from the molds).
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