R4s for the nintendo ds are illegal

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You're propbably wonder what the heck is an R4? Well it is a device for the nintendo DS, DS lite, DSi and DSi XL where you download the games onto your computer, place them on this card like chip, then put it in your DSi and play it like a normal game.

You're propbably thinking: "Cool! I got to have one."

Well before you do there is something you should know. R4s are ILLEGAL!

It just the same as downloading music and movies for free which that too is illegal.

Here are some reason why it's not worth getting:

  • You can actually get fined for either selling an R4 or just having one. The Nintendo Company is cracking down hard on this.
  • The game you download for free can actually contain viruses, damaging you computer and your DS
  • It actually takes millions and millions of dollars to make a single game, and the only way to get that money back is by selling them at retail store.
  • If there's a freebie with the game you buy at a retail store, you WILL NOT get that freebie from the R4.
  • It's the same as stealing.



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