RC Cars...The good, the bad and the ugly. (prices)

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Hi there. just thought i could add another guide to help people looking into getting a RC car. there are literally thousands of different designs made by thousands of companies. now with all of them competing, the price should be low right? WRONG. some top of the line cars can be almost 10000 (that is, you can spend that much on a car, inital cost + all accessories between 1500-2000 + upgraded nitro engine = 300+ upgraded servo = up to 150 upgraded ESC =up to 400+ upgraded BL( brushless) motor  (electric) (80-300+) now you have an extremely fast car, your crashing it or damaging the driveshafts from the power, also i forgot to mention batteries, these are by far the most expensive part if you get high quality ones. 4200mah+ will cost AT LEAST 50 for a cheap pack and up to 90+ for a matched pack. (where they test all the cells and put them togeter according to how amny volts and capactiy they have.) you will want a good charger to charge these, and most good chargers are only 12v. a good charger like the Swallow advance, the CDC 6 or 7, much more CTX, or a novak ionic. these require at least a 6 amp supply to run...whats this mean? well either you use your car battery (which is good at the track, but useless at home) or you buy another car battery (100+, and a charger it can charge it with...60+) or you can buy a power supply which converts 240v power into 13.8v. these range from 70 in Jaycar (cheap ones which do break with more than 8/9 amps through them) and up to over 300 for a lab 40 amp supply.


now lets add the cost up, without upgrades/spares (usually at least 500 in the lifespan of the car)

1500+150+400+300+ 90+90+90+90+100+70


= almost $3000 + spare parts and upgrades. an upgraded emaxx can be easily cost 2000 without any radio gear (i forgot to mention that...another 50-300) then alot more cost on top.


of course, buying a second hand touring car (on road) will be FAR FAR cheaper than this, unless its been upgraded like crazy. 2nd hand, depending on the brand, will cost between 300-1000. its rare to see a 1000 used touring car.


the most expensive class would be the monster trucks (what i own personally :)). this is because, if you decide to convert it to electric power, it aint cheap! the chasis aint too cheap either. now in the scheme of things, its cheap compared to buying a real car, or a house, but its expensive for a 16 yo (me) to afford these things.


the main thing i want to say is, its really good fun having a car which can beat real cars (won a drag with a porsche)  going at almost 80km/hr, but most people will not have a machine like mine :) yet.


DONT BUY CHEAP STUFF OFF EBAY (CHINESE NO BRAND USELESS STUFF) u can t get parts and it aint worth the money...read the other guides... just do some research and JOIN THE FORUMS. RCTECH IS GOOD, so is ULTIMATE RC, RCUNIVERSE ALSO HAS  A GOOD SECTION TOO

good brands inlcude: HPI, TRAXXAS, ASSOCIATED, CORALLY (if your a good driver,a s they are designed for racing and crashes arent cheap to fix), LOSI, HOBAO (cheap and strong, chinese brand, but easily available parts...hyper 7 and 8 are cheapest youll get with strong design and good for bashing or racing.), etc. basically anyhting you can get parts for... email me if you need help deciding on a car @ cookie_monster_in_321@hotmail.com :)


im best with offroad mosters, but give me a shout if you need help with anything else.



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