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This guide is a procedure for removing yellow staining from light coloured vintage toys/vehicles.
  1. Use a screw driver to take apart your toy. This will help to make cleaning and preparing it much easier.
  2. Remove the old stickers.
  3. Use a goo remover to lift the left over sticker residual.
  4. Hand wash using a soft bristle brush and dish washing liquid. I usually use a tooth brush.
  5. Get a bottle of 20 or 30 volume creme hydrogen peroxide formula from a pharmacy or hairdressing salon supplier/store. 30 volume is stronger.
  6. Coat the toy parts with the peroxide using a paint brush or hair colouring brush.
  7. Cover with plastic wrap (glad wrap, cling wrap, etc).
  8. Put it outside in the sun for 4-8 hours. Move parts around every couple of hours to make sure all parts get heat from the sun.
  9. Following this, bring parts inside, remove plastic wrap and give it another thorough wash.
  10. Presto!  Completely de-yellowed! Or very close to it.
  11. The same process can be done again to stubborn yellow areas.
  12. Dry thoroughly and apply my easy to use quality replacement stickers.
Works well on whites and off whites, like star wars vintage x-wings, etc, and light greys like the vintage slave 1.
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