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Ebay sellers rely upon two things to sell their items- clear descriptions and good photographs. As an Ebay buyer one needs to read a description carefully as well as looking at the photographs. A good description will let you know what the item is, something about the item, perhaps where it came from, how old it might be, what distinguishing features it has, often the size, shape, colours and textures of the item, and where possible the manufacturer.

An item which is described as retro, vintage, veteran or antique will not be new, even though it may be in excellent condition. An item which states an age or era in which it was made ( e.g. the 1930s or 1970s) should be expected to show some signs of age. Similarly, if the description states that there has been some use or wear means that the item will not look brand new- it has been loved and looked after by someone else and may have some signs of the usage it has seen.

Look carefully at the photos- these have been taken to show off an item, and how good the item looks will  depend on how skillful the seller is as a phtotographer. Most sellers take photos that display their wares exactly as they are. Sometimes a photo may make an item seem better than it may be, sometimes the photos don't do justice to the goods. The description can help you to decide which is happening in a particular listing.

One of the important things to be aware of is-  what are your own expectations of an item that you intend to purchase? Have you checked the description to make sure that you know whether it is old, brand new or somewhere in between? Have you taken note of any imperfections, chips, cracks, wear or usage, so that when you receive it you recognise it as what you bought? Have you made yourself believe that something is different from the description, and are then disappointed ? Reading descriptions carefully can help you avoid disappointment.

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