Rail books and magazines - listing suggestions

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WHERE to list for the BEST RESULTS
and a few listing suggestions

 You've a pile of railway books and related printed material to sell and you're wondering in which category you should list them for the best results.

 I suggest, firstly: -

 1. Toys & Hobbies - Model Trains - [Media] - Catalogues / Magazines / Books

 and secondly (preferably BOTH for best results): -

 2. Books, Comics & Mags - Non-Fiction - Transport - Rail

 You might think category #2 would be preferable to #1. However, model train collectors will not necessarily look at #2 whereas many will be constantly watching 'Model Trains' which includes the #1 sub-category.

 Although they may not regularly buy railway books, a gallery image will likely enough arouse their interest, especially if you include a sub-title along the lines of "Will interest modellers of NSW prototype" if the book, etc., deals with NSW railways.

 Books on prototype railways (that's 'real' railways) should be listed in BOTH categories for the best exposure.

 A few suggestions on what to include in your listing follow.

 1. Photos are ESSENTIAL. Railways are a visual interest more so than many other hobbies. You stand to gain a much better result if you include a photo (via a digital camera or a scanner) and it must be CLEAR.

 2. Always include the author, publisher, number of pages, whether or not there's a dust jacket present, country in which published and DATE of publication. That's the most recent date you can find, usually on the page behind the title page. Model train catalogues will often include a date on the base of the back page.

 3. Check all pages for damage, if any, and to ensure all pages, and colour plates (if the book is 20+ years older) are present. And state in the listing that you have checked the book out. Also include the condition of the dust jacket, if present. This will all help to encourage buyers.

 4. For more information on listing books, have a look at the general book listing guides.

 Finally, if you have any questions, please contact me.

 Good luck!

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