Ralph Lauren romance never goes out of fashion? Why?

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Versatile, classy, but totally understated. Ralph Lauren Romance is a timeless perfume. That's why it's become the go-to perfume for everyday wear and formal occassions, like weddings. For more information on Ralph Lauren--what it smells like and where you can buy it for cheap--read on. Also, read on to find out who in Hollywood wears Ralph Lauren at work, at parties and at weddings!
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Ralph Lauren Romance is a classic feminine woody floral. But don’t think stuffy old lady stuff! The juice is youthful, refreshing and flowery. Ralph Lauren Romance notes include a dizzying array of soft florals: sungoddess rose, ginger, camomile, lychee, marigold, yellow freesia, lotus flower, night blooming dailily, white violet, violet absolute, patchouli, oakmoss, exotic wood, and skin musk.

Perfume reviewers on Basenotes love thatRalph Lauren Romance is fresh, elegant, and rosy. Many say it’s their favorite floral woody fragrance. Some love the unique addition of the marigold note.

Marina, top perfume blogger at Perfume Smellin Things, professes her love for the pleasurable Ralph Lauren Romance. If you’re looking for a similar alternative, Marina says that Ralph Lauren Romance Always Yours is a winner. She says it’s spicier, creamier and muskier than the original. Most importantly, Marina notes, Ralph Lauren Romance is the perfect fragrance for a wedding!

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