Rare, Great, and Uncommon PAL Gamecube Games

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This guide is for those people who are looking for the "Perfect" collection of PAL Gamecube games in Australia. All of the listed games are either, great games in their own rights, or are just plain hard to find/get. Please do your research on the listed games before buying as not every game listed here are for the majority of the population. These games will work in Australian gamecube and Wii as long as they are the PAL version.

1. PACMAN VS (This game is only availible as a bonus to the R:Racing game)
2. Odama (This is one of the most innovative games to come out on GC)
3. Legend of Zelda : Four swords adventures (Need four GBA, or GBA SP for four player actions)
4. Tales of Symphonia (One of the two best 2 disc RPG on GC, good luck on finding a copy of this game)
5. Fire Emblem : Path of Radiance (Best turn base game on GC)
6. Evolution Worlds (Epic game, very limited release, only in europe, $60-$70AUS if you can get it)
7. Phantasy Star Online Episode 3, 2 and 1
8. Skies of Arcadia (Epic game, very limited release, only in europe, $60-$70AUS if you can get it)
9. Disney's Party (Overshadowed by the Mario series)
10. Puyo pop Fever (Best Puzzle game availible on GC)
11. Mario Party 7 (Last of the mario party on GC, saw a very very limited release in Australia)
12. Mario Party 6 (In Australia, this title seems to be skipped from 5-7, limited release in Australia)
13. Def Jam Fight for New York (Not released in Australia due to +18 ratings)
14. Mario Superstar Baseball (Little known game since we do not play baseball here in Australia)
15. Bomberman Generation (Everyone must have a bomberman game since it is fun to blow your friends up)
16. Megaman X Command (The only english version of the megaman rpg on GC)
17. Megaman Network Transmission (Megaman platformer on GC)
18. Disney Football (Not released in Australia)
19. Disney Basketball (Not released in Australia)
20. Gotcha Force (Not released in Australia)
21. Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean (One of the two best 2 disc RPG on GC)
22. Baldurs Gate : Dark Alliance (Best story based western style rpg game in the GC)
23. Mystic Heroes (One of the few games that allows four players to play on screen at the same time.)
24. Digimon Rumble Areana 2 (Not released in Australia)
25. Gauntlet : Dark Legacy (One of the few games that allowes 4 player on the screen as once.)
26. Battlaion Wars (A totally misunderstood game, the best strategy game on GC)
27. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (4 x GBA or GBA SP is required for 4 player actions)
28.  Capcom VS SNK EO (Best 2d fighting game on GC)
29. X-Men Legends
30. X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse
31. Lost Kingdom
32. Lost Kingdom 2

I will be starting a PAL PS2, and a NTSC Gamecube rare/uncommon game list soon as well, (You will need to have a way to run the NTSC GC games on a PAL machine, if not message me for more info on that subject).

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