Rare Third Reich Nazi Coins

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Many sellers of Third Reich Nazi Coins on Ebay claim they are selling extremely 'rare' coins, for five or ten dollars. Some even claim the coins were found on the beaches of Normandy on DDay yet I doubt this is true. There are Millions of these coins in circulation, however, there are some coins with specific dates and mint marks that are increasingly harder to find and reasonably expensive yet far less expensive than most other 'rare' coins. For example, many of the 1936 mint marks of the 1 and 2 Copper Reichspfennig, the 5 and 10 Brass Reichspfennig and the Silver Reichsmarks, as well as a few others are rare, or rarer than most Third Reich Coins. As well as good quality Zinc coins from 1940 to 1945 are harder to find because of the grayish-white Zinc oxidation. Don't be fooled by opportunistic sellers cashing in on your lack of knowledge and keen interest in Third Reich coins....don't take my word for it do some research. The Standard Catalog of World Coins is a good starting point, or there's always Google. Also, the Gold Reichspfennig and Reichsmark coins you see everywhere on Ebay were not Gold plated by the Nazi's. These so called 'rare' coins are usually authentic circulated Third Reich coins thinly Gold plated by people post WWII. Hope this helps.
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