Ray Ban now manufacturing some products in China

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As we all know, traditionally China has been the bastion of fake-goods, counterfeits and knock-off products, some might even say it has been a world leader in this field. However some eBay members may find it interesting to discover that over the past few years the parent company of Ray Ban - Luxottica, an Italian based global conglomerate (and current owner of Sunglass Hut) has been experimenting with manufacturing some of its sunglass models in China.

To the best of our knowledge and according to the Luxottica website, they are currently operating 2 production plants in China, with a view of increasing Chinese production in the future. The most important thing to stress is that currently they are only making a few models in China, with the majority still being manufactured in Italy. As far as we are aware the quality control and standard of the products being made in China is just as high as the Italian made models. Unfortunately Ray Ban does not provide us with any kind of list in relation to which models are being manufactured in which country - which makes our job somewhat more difficult in identifying them.

The only difference as far as we can tell is that the Chinese made models will say 'Made in China' as opposed to 'Made in Italy' on the inner arm. If you purchase a pair of sunglasses from us or any other reputable eBay seller and have any authenticity concerns whatsoever, we recommend you take them to any Sunglass Hut or any other specialty sunglass store and have them authenticated. Please be sure to speak to somebody who is knowledgeable about Ray Ban products rather than some sales staff casual who may have only been in the job for a matter of weeks. If in doubt, seek a second or third opinion from other stores, you want to be very sure you have gotten what you paid for. Other brands that we know are experimenting with Chinese production are Von Zipper and Marc by Marc Jacobs - more to follow no doubt.

So remember, if it says 'Made in China' don't immediately assume it's fake - Chinese fakes usually say 'Made in Italy' on them anyway ;)
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