Raymond Weil Watch Buying Guide

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Raymond Weil Watch Buying Guide

Raymond Weil watches are the epitome of style and quality. These hand-made watches are exquisite timepieces available in a number of stunning collections. Consumers can buy authentic Raymond Weil watches from eBay sellers in both new and used condition at great prices. Buyers can choose an opulent women's watch from the Parsifal collection that offers both elegance and durability or a men's watch from the Nabucco collection for durability and masculine style. Consumers can rest assured they are buying a beautiful, high-quality timepiece for men or women that looks fabulous in any social setting. Buying a genuine Raymond Weil watch is a wise investment, as buyers can turn the watch into a family heirloom.

Choose a Raymond Weil Watch

Raymond Weil watches are Swiss-made luxurious watches of very high quality. Each watch the Raymond Weil company makes has to pass over 350 checks before the company puts it on the market. The Raymond Weil company has produced many different collections that feature both modern and traditional timepieces.

The Parsifal Collection

The Parsifal collection of watches is one of the most popular women's watches by Raymond Weil. The watches in the collection have a quartz movement and a round watch face. The material of the case and strap is stainless steel. Water resistant to 100 metres, the watches in this collection have a mother-of-pearl and diamond dial. The watches feature a date window at the three o'clock mark, and the folding clasp on the watch has a double-push secure system.

The Tango Collection

The Tango collection of women's watches is a very simple design featuring Roman numerals and a stainless steel strap. The quartz movement of the watch ensures that the watch keeps excellent time. There are different watches in the Tango collection that have a rose gold strap and gold Roman numerals on the watch face. The crystal on the watch, which is the cover protecting the face of the watch, has an anti-glare treatment on it.

The Noemia Collection

With the combination of the steel and yellow gold strap, the Noemia collection of watches is most desirable. The face of the watch is round and it has 62 diamonds surrounding the dial of the watch. The size of the face of the watch is 32 mm, making it the perfect size to wear on a special evening out with a fabulous evening dress. The material of the Noemia watch dial is mother of pearl. The watch is water resistant to 50 meters.

The Nabucco Collection

The Nabucco collection of watches for men has a mechanical chronograph movement, which has automatic winding. The balance wheel of the watch is visible, allowing horologists to see the high-quality movement inside the watch. The material of the case is titanium and stainless steel and it has a PVD hard coating. The crown of the watch has the Raymond Weil logo on it. Water resistant to 200 metres, this analogue watch also features a stopwatch. The dial on the watch is black with Arabic numerals. Buyers can choose a Nabucco collection watch with agenuine leather strap or rubber strap.

The Maestro Collection

The Maestro collection of watches feature a round watch face and choice of either a leather or steel watch strap. The face of the watch tells the different phases of the moon as they occur. The manufacturer has treated the sapphire crystal on the watch with anti-glare. The watch has a power reserve of 36 hours and it is water resistant to 50 metres.

The Freelancer Black 8 Special Edition

The Freelancer Black 8 special edition men's watch by Raymond Weil is a modern watch by design that is both glamorous and chic. The watch features heavily on the number eight, which is a traditionally lucky number people associate with prosperity. The material of the watch strap is alligator leather. The outline of figure eight appears on the black face of the watch together with 12 diamond studs. The watch has a mechanical movement that has automatic winding and a power reserve of 38 hours.

How to Spot a Real Raymond Weil Watch

It is important for customers to be able to spot an authentic Raymond Weil watch. Whether the watch is new or used, there are various signs that can prove whether the Raymond Weil watch is authentic.

Watch Parts or Characteristics

Authenticity Clues

Crystal Watch Face

A droplet of water that falls on the face of the watch should bead on the glass

Watch Weight

If the watch feels light, it may be counterfeit

Watch Engraving

Any engraving on the watch is of very high quality and clear

Watch Strap

The strap material is genuine leather and the clasp has the correct mechanism

Watch Serial Number

Consumers can check if the serial number on the watch is real by contacting the Raymond Weil company

The table above shows some of the most obvious signs that a Raymond Weil watch is authentic. Looking for these signs gives buyers the opportunity to verify that the watch they are purchasing is genuine.

How to Buy a Raymond Weil Watch on eBay

eBay sellers offer hand-made Raymond Weil watches for both men and women. Each timepiece has a unique serial number that proves the authenticity of the watch. You can find a Raymond Weil watch brand new or gently used. Because of the high quality and cost of these watches, it is advisable to make sure the seller provides insured delivery. eBay sellers provide Raymond Weil watches to suit every style and taste, and many sellers offer the watches at bargain prices. Before you make a decision, you might want to check eBay Deals to see if there any special offers on Raymond Weil watches.

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