Real Benefits of Breastfeeding and Using a Breast Pump

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If you're weighing the benefits of breast milk against infant formula's, weigh no more. Numerous research suggests that your breast milk is the best source of all the nutrients your baby needs to thrive in the first six months and will remain the most important part of your baby's diet throughout the first year.

Breast milk has antibodies which protect your baby against infection, including gastroenteritis, respiratory illness, urinary infections, and ear infections. In addition, it reduces your baby's risk of childhood diabetes, leukemia, allergies - such as asthma and eczema - and, most importantly, cot death or sudden infant death syndrome (SID). Breastfeeding also helps your baby develop eyesight, teeth and speech, jaw and oral cavity, and intelligence.

In short, your breast milk is the best and most natural gift you can give to your baby. And it saves you thousands of dollars on formula!

Breastfeeding is the healthiest choice for mothers, too. When you're breastfeeding, you produce a hormone that makes you feel relaxed. It reduces your chance of developing breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and fractures from osteoporosis, and speeds up your body's return to pre-pregnancy state, which means you can lose excess weight and get back in shape quickly! In addition, breastfeeding has a contraceptive effect as it delays the return of menstruation, which many women would consider a great benefit.

While direct breastfeeding can proomet a loving bond between mother and baby, unfortunately, not all moms can direct breastfeed their babies all the time because the baby may not latch on or release properly which could cause pain and sore nipples or maybe because there are limitations that prevent mom from her regular breastfeeding schedule.

So, if you're one of those moms, what do you do?

Expressing your milk is the answer and getting the right breast pump is the key to successful expression.

Like breastfeeding, the benefits of using a breast pump are many. Stimulating lactation for new moms with a low milk supply and relieving engorgement, a painful condition when the breasts are overfull, is just one of those great benefits.

Even if you can direct breastfeed, a breast pump will come in handy as you return to work or have to be away from your baby. Also, if you need to take medication that affects your breast milk or if you simply want to enjoy a night out and have a drink or two, you can express and store your milk for your baby until you can resume nursing. Finally pumping helps you recover from pregnancy quickly even though your baby may no longer needs the milk.

Enjoy breastfeeding and breast-pumping!

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