Real & Fake Ipods : How To Tell

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Ipods are on everyones minds, and there alot of them to choose from, but do you only one decsion to get a real one or a fake one.

For example, here are things to check:

  • Nonstandard headphone jacks
  • No dock connector
  • The serial number 6U545TK2TJT
  • No included USB cable
  • Slightly longer screen than the real nano
  • Play/Pause symbol on the middle button
  • No repeat option on the on/off switch
  • No battery or status light

Firstly ill start with the Ipod Shuffles

these are the cheapest of all ipods, and can be copyed easily.


Left & Right Black ^ Is Fake

Fake nano click wheels do not work, they do not have real ipod menus.

Video's & Others

the copy ipods do not have the apple connector, they have a usb or mini usb connector

hope this has helped you

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