Real Hair vs. Synthetic Hair

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Real Hair vs. Synthetic Hair

Women style their hair using a variety of products, including hair extensions. These are accessories made of strands of real or synthetic hair that are attached to the wearer's natural hair and arranged in different styles. The extensions can be used to add length, increase volume, or enhance the colour. It is possible to select hair extensions that match any natural hair type and colour perfectly. It is also possible to select extensions that transform the wearer's style.

There are a number of reasons for using real hair vs. synthetic hair for extensions. Each material offers a range of unique features for styling, durability, and appearance. Real and synthetic hair extensions can be bought from hairdressers, department stores, and online from eBay.

Types of Real Hair

Real human hair is available in two main types: unprocessed and processed. Unprocessed hair is untreated and still has its natural colour, whereas processed hair undergoes a chemical treatment and may be dyed.

Unprocessed Real Hair

Unprocessed real hair is human hair that still has its original colour and has not undergone any kind of chemical treatment to strip it of its texture. The best quality hair of this type is referred to as Remy hair. Unprocessed hair is usually much more expensive when compared to processed hair. It also appears very natural compared to other types. The strands are usually hand selected and woven into wigs or strips to create the most natural mix of colours and highlights possible.

Processed Real Hair

Processed real hair has been stripped and straightened, and usually dyed. It is the least expensive type of human hair, but also the lowest quality. Processed hair has the strands altered with chemical treatments. This means that it is rougher to the touch and may not be as long lasting as unprocessed products because it is slightly damaged by the treatment.

Types of Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair varies in quality depending on the manufacturer and how it is produced. Many manufacturers make synthetic wigs and strips of hair using mass production techniques. The hair extensions are woven using machines to attach the strands and style them. This produces good quality extensions provided a good quality of synthetic hair is used. However, the look is rarely as natural as real hair.

Some synthetic hair extensions are hand woven using specially selected synthetic hair, and this produces a more natural look. This production method makes the extensions more expensive when compared to those made by machines. High quality, hand-woven synthetic hair can be comparable to real hair extensions in appearance, style, and texture.

Benefits of Real Hair

Real human hair extensions offer a number of beneficial features for the wearer. Human hair looks more realistic and feels more natural than synthetic hair. The strands are smaller, and do not feel as rough to the touch. Real hair extensions can be treated just like natural hair on the scalp. They can withstand the same level as heat as the wearer's natural hair, so can use be styled using standard curling irons and straighteners without experiencing any damage. Gel, hairspray, and other hair care products can be used.

Real hair can also be washed in the same way as the wearer's natural hair using standard shampoos and conditioners. It can be dyed in the same way as natural hair, and retains the colour well. Real hair is more durable and lasts longer than synthetic hair. It can be kept and worn for years, even when it has been styled and coloured frequently.

Benefits of Synthetic Hair

Wearers that want to make quick style changes regularly may benefit from using hair extensions made from synthetic hair. Synthetics hair extensions are much less expensive when compared to real hair. For a range of different looks, it may be best to build up a collection of synthetic hair extensions in different colours and types rather than spending the same amount of money on a single application of real hair extensions.

Synthetic hair often comes pre-styled and coloured, and retains the style for as long as the wearer wants to maintain the look. Good quality synthetic hair rarely becomes tangled. Consider this aspect in addition to the price of the hair extensions before buying, as problems with knotted hair can make the extensions difficult to care for and more expensive in the long run if they cannot be used. Synthetic hair dries faster than real hair.

Types of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be made from real or synthetic hair and come in a range of styles. Strands of hair that are the same length as the wearer's natural hair can be used to add volume. To add length, use strands that extend beyond the wearer's hair. Consider using a full wig that covers the scalp completely to transform the colour, style, and cut. Before choosing between real and synthetic hair, buyers should be aware of the forms of the hair extensions that are available.





Covers the full scalp and pre-existing hair

Usually provides complete and realistic coverage

Hair attached to lace caps

Can be custom-made

Partial wigs can be made


Half wig

Only covers the back of the scalp

Leaves the natural hairline exposed

Secured with two small clips



Small clip-on piece of pre-styled hair

Adds volume

Fills thin spots

Used for buns and ponytails



Thin strip of short to long hair

Clipped, glued, or weaved into the natural hair

Adds length, volume, or colour


Lace wigs create the appearance of a natural hairline and custom-made wigs are made by hand to order. These are broad categories of hair extensions. Each type can be divided further into more specific styles. All types can be made using either real or synthetic hair. Factor in the price of application when calculating the total cost of hair extensions. It may be easy to apply a wig at home, but some strands of natural hair may be best applied by a professional hairdresser to achieve the right look.

How to Buy Real or Synthetic Hair on eBay

You can buy hair extensions made from real or synthetic hair on eBay. Sellers provide product descriptions with photos to show the different styles, from short to long, straight to curly, and natural colours to bright fluorescents. You can search for these items using the eBay search engine, which is available from any page on the website. Just enter the type of hair extension you want. The search engine uses these terms to find matching products. If you have a specific price range and colour in mind, you can use this information to target more precise products.

Look at the eBay Deals section to find discounted hair extensions and related products. Items in this section are hand picked by eBay staff for their great prices, and may even have free delivery.


Real hair and synthetic hair each offer a range of benefits for the wearer. Synthetic hair is less expensive than real human hair. It dries faster and can look fairly natural when woven by hand using high quality materials. Real hair is more durable and natural looking compared to synthetic hair. When cared for properly, it can lasts for years. Real hair can be treated in the same way as natural human hair. It can be washed, dried, and dyed while still retaining its quality. Wearers can use heated styling tools on real hair, like curling irons and straighteners, at high temperatures. Hair extensions in a variety of forms made of both real hair and synthetic hair can be bought from sellers on eBay.

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