Real or Fake Ecotools? Read me.

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Recently I received a negative feedback and the buyer claims that what she/he got is a fake item.
Here is what happened -
The buyer and I contact few times in ebay and she/he asked about the postage to overseas.
I've told her/him that it would be cheaper if the outside packaging is removed due to the size and thickness.
She/he agreed with it and placed an order with another account and left me a message with the original account and said that somehow she/he could not pay with the item with the original account so the item was purchased from her/his partner's account. (Confused? Me too!)

(How do I know its the same person? Cause' she/he dropped me a msg right after that and what a coincidence that both of the account are from the same country that is very specific.)

The buyer sent me a message in ebay that she/he is not happy with the item because she assumed that is a fake item as it came without packaging.

You know sometimes buyer or even myself would forget about the arrangement after a while, so I replied her/him within an hour and reminded her/him that we had talked about our deal on it.  However, she/him replied me again with 'when did you tell me about that?'.

Interesting.  Luckily I never deleted any message in Ebay.

I explained to her/him again about the rules of AusPost, I did not make them up I just follow the guideline.  She/he replied me again and said that she/he wondered how would a thin plastic packaging effect the weight of an parcel.

It does.  In fact the handle of the brush already nearly 20mm (buyer purchased a single brush).  I measured each of the item listed in my store at least 20 times so I am very confident to say that I know better than anyone do (well, beside the factory or machine) and this is to make sure I do not break the rule of AusPost.

Make long story short -
After one more time of back and forth messaging, she said that the item i sent her is the old brush (Old? You mean second hand?) and the new brush supposed to be with metal logo and brown brush hair etc etc etc.

I see.  She/he is talking about the new version of the brush.  I did attach the picture of the new version in that particular listing however if anyone happened to see the picture and they should be able to see there is two sentences in red and bold say that NEW VERSION IS COMING SOON, NOW ITS STILL THE ORIGINAL ONE.

No reply after I explained fully and separate into two messages.

Then negative feedback came.

Interesting and unbelievable.

I hope they have fun playing around with two accounts.

Why I spending half of the page talking about this is because yes you can say the item is bad quality (well I can do a refund?)
but I hate to be accuse.

Check some of my listing to see pictures.
Thanks guys.
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