Real or Fake?? example. ..Tiffany & Co

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A friend of mine recently recieved some Tiffany & Co. I wanted some too and couldnt believe how many pieces were listed.  Once when I googled a site came up with copies of Tiff and price tags of $26.00 for a picasso ring. It didnt take too much homework to see the fakes. I know those $28 dollar copies sell on ebay for $250. I bought one. It said 'Genuine"  in the ad. Later I realized her pic was of a real Tiff ring but I got sent a fake. I messaged her and she even had the nerve to say she got it in London. These copies are inferior quality and poorly made. 

Then I started thinking that we all love a bargain or see a $5 note and quickly pick it up so no one sees. But to knowingly fleece ebayers of their money whilst lying about their merchandise is pretty low to me.  I watch some fav sellers who seem to sell the same 'antique' or 'vintage pieces over and over again. So then I looked at what she bought recently and of course it was bibs n bobs of cheap jewelery which she then attatched sterling silver hearts saying 'Tiffany & Co.  Ebayers !! Research.  Google fake Tiff and see how they try to pull the wool over your eyes.   Ask if its genuine? Look at the workmanship.  Use paypal.  Take your time....a stitch in time...saves 9.


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