Real vs Fake Tsubi Jeans

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After recently buying a pair of fake Tsubis on eBay  I decided to compile a list of warning signs that people should look out for when buying Tsubis on eBay.

The only fake tsubis that are floating around eBay at this point in time are the Worn Grey Scooters, made infamous by Lindsay Lohan and other celebrities. Fakes of the other washes and cuts of Tsubi jeans have not popped up on eBay...yet.

Here are some of the warning signs to look out for...

1) Wash:
The real Worn Grey Scooters have a nice 'clean' looking grey wash that is a nice 'streaky' grey. The fake ones however are not this clean grey colour. The grey wash of the fakes (as you can notice in the photos) are more matte and have a slight yellowy tinge to them.

                   FAKE                                                               REAL

2) Back Pockets: Real worn grey scooter back pockets are not symmetrical. The real scooters pockets have one side which is on more of an angle compared to the otherside. The angle is also leaning towards the middle of the bum area of the jeans. Fake scooter black pockets are very much symmetrical and one side does not lean over on an angle at all.

The stitching on the back pockets of the real Tsubi scooters are also very different in comparison to the fake ones. The stitching of the side of the back pockets form a V shape on the fake scooters. The real scooters do not have this V shape formation in the stitching, instead, the stitching follows the shape of the pockets.

                                             FAKE                                                                                                               REAL

3) Tags and Stickers: An indication that your tsubis are definately real are the swingtags and stickers. Tsubi recently changed their swingtag from the old postcard swingtag to a newer version which just features the infamous Tsubi windows. Another indication that your tsubis are definately real are if the Tsubi stickers are still intact. None of the fake tsubis have these stickers. You will notice that alot of the fake worn greys have the older swingtag which was like a postcard.

4) Denim Quality: Denim quality is a dead give away in indentifying if your Tsubis are real or fake. The denim quality of the fake scooters are much thinnner and the texture, especially on the insides feel coarse. After one wash, this will become even more obvious. The denim of the real scooters are much more thick and the texture is not very coarse.

5) Inside Pockets: The inside pockets of real tsubis are made of a thin cotton material and are normally white in colour. The fake Tsubis have inside pockets which are made of a cheap synthetic material (like a polyester/rayon) and are black with pilling on the outside.


6) Tsubi Logo: The Tsubi logo and windows which are painted on the worn grey scooters should feel like its been 'sunk' into the denim. On the fake Tsubis, these logos also have a rubbery texture and also can even be stratched off.

7) Overlapping Vs: On real tsubis, the infamous zip stitch found near the zip cross over. On fakes the zig zag stitch (the two V's) does not cross over at all. Instead the two Vs  just connect. Its hard to explain but becomes apparent in the photos below.

                 FAKE                                                 REAL                   

8) Smell: This is a little bit weird but fake worn grey scooters have this distinctive smell. They have a rubbery, warehouse type of smell whereas real tsubis do not have any funny smell associated with them.

9) Seller:  Just be wary of the seller of who is selling the Tsubis. If the seller has many sizes of the worn greys and seem to be selling alot of them, then they are most likely a seller of fake Tsubis. However, as most of you know, many people will buy an item from a seller and resell it again because the jeans don't fit, etc. So ask where they bought these jeans from and if they claim they have bought them from eBay, ask what seller they bought them from. Dont be afraid to ask questions!!!

This information should help you on indentifying the counterfeit Tsubi Worn Grey Scooters on eBay - so now that you are clued in, have fun buying your Tsubis! They are fantastic jeans! Search for Tsubi on eBay

I would just like to give credit to:  hoilun123 and  scarletts-wardrobe for their photos and information. Also to  punkgirly for her guide which gave me ideas on how to do this! Also a HUGE thanks to all the voguettes, where alot of this infomation was compiled from!

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