Recommended Metal for Tongue Piercing Jewellery

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Picking the right piercing metal for you can be tricky... people are all different and can react differently to different types of metals and plated piercings.
Please also check before buying and wearing new metals that its not fake steel as this can infect your piercings quickly.
Keep your jewellery clean at all times, do not wear piercings that have not been cleaned before hand, this will cause a bad reaction and infections.


Surgical Stainless Steel

  • Surgical stainless steel is most commonly used for piercings and contains components that prevent corrosion and make it unlikely your jewellery will be damaged or scratched. Surgical stainless stell also has a shiny surface, making it an attractive choice for piercings. We recommend this as the most suitable metal for tongue piercings.

Solid Gold

  • Gold has always been a popular choice as a piercing jewellery metal, According to Tongue Piercing Rings, an advice website, as far as researchers are awar, there are no elements in gold that casuse skin irritations or allergies. Although more expensive then surgical stainless steel tongue bars, gold is dirable, long lasting and looks good as well. Fourteen or 18 karates would be best.


  • Titanium is an lightweight metal used for piercing jewellery. According to Tongue Piercing Rings, titanium is safe and durable. Tongue piercings made from titanium contain nickle and therefor wont cause allergic reactions. The body also tends to accept titanium becasuse of its nonreactive quailty, whereas other metals such as silver may cause skin irritations.

Metals to Avoid over long periods

  • Avoid metals such as silver, plated gold or any other type of fake gold, silver, titanium or stainless steel. These metals may be wearable after the initial piercing but are not recommeded unti the piercing has healed.These metals react badly with water and air. Silver tarnishes badly and this is not something you want in your body. The gold plating on plated gold will also wear off over time, short term wear is recommended only.


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