Recommended Spares Kit for Chinese Bikes / Quads

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Hi Everyone!

After nearly two year of chinese Quad /  Dirt bike ownership and spending a fair bit of time out and about with them I thought I'd put together a list of spares, tools and stuff that you could think about taking with you when you go out and get stuck in.

As a parent of a sometimes impatient 10 year old, there is nothing more frustrating than having to call it a day early when your bike / quad stops working because of some small bit that's broken or fallen off.

So, here is the list of spares and bits and bobs that we take with us.

  • Brake Lever.
  • Clutch Lever.
  • Clutch Cable.
  • Spark Plug.
  • Bottle of tyre sealant goo. (We keep this stuff in the quad tyres all the time)
  • Chain and Chain link. (Keep the old ones from the chains you wear out)
  • Handful of nuts, washers and bolts to suit the ones on your bike. (6mm nuts are especially helpful to replace lost exhaust stud retaining nuts. We seem to lose these all the time!)
  • Inner tubes to suit your wheels.
  • Tyre levers.
  • Air pump. (You can get cheap 12v ones from auto spare shops)
  • Bottle of Loctite. (Get the type that will let you remove the bolt with hand tools, there is a whole range of grades and some are permanent!)
  • Set of metric sockets, hex keys and 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 17 and 19mm open end spanners.
  • Pliers and sidecutters

It's a fair bit of stuff, but should get you through most dramas at the dirt track or in the paddock. Most of the spares will be readily available from reputable ebay sellers and local Auto spares shops

Cheers and safe riding!



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