Rectified or Rolled edge tiles

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What does rectified mean?

Rectified tiles are when tiles have a smooth sharp edge - this is a great look as this allows you a look of minimal grout joints and gives a sharp edge modern look however if your walls are not straight this can be a disaster as every uneven surface wall will cause lipping and this can look terrible .If you want perfect straight walls with  minimal joints sheeting can be applied before tiling to make sure your walls are straight and even.

If you still want to have a modern look but your walls are not straight you can still use rectified but need to except a grouting joint of at least 1,5mm to 3mm joint with these tiles to stop the uneven lipping tile look.Do not but joint if your walls have not been leveled.
Un-rectified tiles are tiles with a soft rounded edge most commonly now found in smaller sizes 100x200,100x400, 100x300, 200x200mm tiles as these sizes you want to enhance the size and a rolled edge certainly defines the size of the tile giving you a interesting grid line of the tile when the shape matters a un-rectifed is perfect in this situation. Un-rectifed ( rolled edged) tiles are also more forgiving in older style houses where your walls are not straight and uneven..
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