Recycle Containers Into Pots - Propagating Succulents

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Today we are almost overwhelmed by the message to recycle and reuse.  And sometimes it isn't easy!  But when propagating your plants, especially succulents, it can save you a fortune!  When striking cuttings and planting out seeds, you really don't need fancy pots - use what you would normally throw out.

Plastic milk bottles, cool drink bottles, cordial bottles.  They can all be cut down to the size you need, I usually cut them in half.  A tip though - wash them out really well, and then rinse them out really well, you don't want any soap residue in them.  Then simply drill or cut a few holes in the bottom to allow for drainage and there you have it - instant propagation pots. 

Believe me once you have made your first few pots you will be eying off everything to see if it is suitable.  I use everything from plastic spice containers to yogurt containers, noodle boxes to plastic pill containers, film canisters to ice cream containers.  And then I started to look at my plastic ware that had lost lids - you know those things you keep just in case?  Well face it, you probably won't find that lid so drill some holes in it and use it in your garden rather than having it clog up your kitchen drawers. 

If, like me, you get carried away with the seeds and propagating thing, go to your local charity shop and ask if they have any containers without lids - I bet they do.  When I asked at one shop they came out from the back with this huge box and said if I wanted them I could have them for free - no one wanted to buy them of course.  So I gave them a donation and off I went - a win win situation.  They had more space and a few dollars in the till, and I had over 100 pots of varying shapes and sizes. 

So the next time you think of throwing out a plastic container, have another look at it and ask yourself if it can be used again as a pot - I bet you'll find it can.  You'll be saving the environment and saving money all at the same time.   And it means you'll have more money to spend on more plants and seeds - what could be better!
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