Red Bull Cures my Migraines

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I have suffered all my life from debilitating migraines. I took a trip recently to visit my daughter in another state and arrived with the "aura". I had forgotten my Rx so I asked her for coffee knowing supposedly caffeine helps. She had none so she went to get me some Excedrin Migraine (bless her heart but worthless to me) and she picked up some Red Bull. I drank it, yecch, but within 30 minutes my migraine was gone. Hmm.. Fluke? Well I picked some up at the grocery store to keep on hand should I need it and last night I got the chance to try it again. I was in full blown migraine stance. I remembered the Red Bull in my fridge. I sucked it down quickly. Within 30 minutes I was up and at 'em. My Rx instructs to take one tablet at onset and to take another in 2 hours if still needed. 2 hours is too many to wait with migraines. I will never be without Red Bull in my fridge again. I consider it a miracle remedy. Twice now it's been almost immediately effective. That's proof enough for me.
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