Red Dress Ink - Harlequin Meets Chick Lit

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Red Dress Ink

In November 2001, Harlequin launched Red Dress Ink, a series of books that depict 20 and 30-something women facing ordinary problems (love, work, family, body issues, etc.) with wit and determination. Harlequin's attempt to cash in on the increasingly popular Chick Lit genre by combining the Mills & Boon format of monthly releases with Carrie Bradshaw-type characters has been very successful. They are identifiable by the little Red Dress Ink icon on the spine or top right corner of the front cover.

RDI's debut release was Melissa Senate's See Jane Date.

Senate's novel, about a young woman in New York struggling to find a date for her cousin's wedding, was consequently adapted into a TV movie starring Charisma Carpenter, of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame.

Since its inception, the issues with which Red Dress Ink books deal have varied considerably and can no longer be dismissed as light and frothy romantic comedies. Often these issues are quite sombre, such as the molestation in Joyride and the death of a spouse in Starting from Square Two. However, the majority of the series is merely delightful escapism that readers love to get lost in for a few hours. 

With contributing authors from around the world -- including several from Australia -- Red Dress Ink is a unique series that is thoroughly addictive and collectable.


Sarah Mlynowski - Milkrun; Me vs. Me; Fishbowl; As Seen on TV

Carole Mathews - Welcome to the Real World; A Minor Indiscretion; Let's Meet on Platform 8

Lauren Baratz-Logsted - How Nancy Drew Saved My Life; A Little Change of Face; Crossing the Line; The Thin Pink Line

Melissa Senate - See Jane Date; Whose Wedding is it Anyway?; The Solomon Sisters Wise Up; The Break-Up Plan

Lynda Curnyn - Bombshell; Killer Summer; Engaging Men; Confessions of an Ex-Girlfriend

Laura Caldwell - The Night I Got Lucky; A Clean Slate; Burning the Map; The Year of Living Famously

Carren Lissner - Carrie Pilby; Starting from Square Two; Girl Most Likely To

Sarah Tucker - The Last Year of Being Single; The Last Year of Being Married; The Younger Man

Laurie Graff - You Have to Kiss a Lot of Frogs; Looking for Mr Goodfrog; Scenes from a Holiday

Jane Sigaloff - Like Mother, Like Daughter; Name & Address, Withheld; Lost & Found

Jennifer Sturman - The Key; The Pact; The Jinx

Alison Rushby (Aus Author) - Hating Valentine's Day; It's Not You, It's Me; The Dairy Queen

Fiona Gibson - Babyface; Lucky Girl; Wonder Boy

Lee Nichols - Tales of a Drama Queen; True Lies of a Drama Queen; Hand-Me-Down

Wendy Markham - Slightly Single; Slightly Settled; Mike, Mike & Me

Erica Orloff - Spanish Disco; Mafia Chic; Diary of a Blues Goddess

Betsy Burke - Lucy's Launderette; Hardly Working; Performance Anxiety

Yvonne Collins & Sandy Rideout - Speechless; What I Really Want to do is Direct

Kelly Harte - Guilty Feet; Spitting Feathers

Ariella Papa - On the Verge; Up & Out; 2.5 & Counting

Susan Hubbard - Lisa Maria's Guide for the Perplexed; Lisa Maria Takes Off

Laurie Gwen Shapiro - The Anglophile; The Matzo Ball Heiress

Stacy Ballis - Inappropriate Men; Sleeping Over

Isabel Wolff - Rescuing Rose; Out of the Blue

Tyne O'Connell - Sex with the Ex

Chris Manby - Seven Sunny Days; Getting Personal

Jackie Rose - Slim Chance; Marrying Up

Lindsay Faith Reach - Joyride; Losing It

Lynn Isenberg - My Life Uncovered; The Funeral Planner

Cathy Yardley - L.A. Woman; Couch World

Melanie Murray - Good Times, Bad Boys; Miss Bubbles Steals the Show

Deborah Blumenthal - Fat Chance; What Men Want 

Kyra Davis - Sex, Murder & a Double Latte

Mindy Klasky - Girl's Guide to Witchcraft

Jody Gehrman - Tart

Lisa Cach - Dating without Novacaine

Karen Templeton - Loose Screws

Heather Cochran - Mean Season

Libby Malin - Love Me, Loves Me Not

Leigh Riker - Strapless

P.J. MacAllister & Grace Grant - Flyover States

Princess De Soignee - Princess-IN-Training Manual

F.G. Gerson - 21 Steps to Happiness

Amanda Hill - Love Like That

Wendy Roberts - Dating Can Be Deadly

Red Dress Ink

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