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Cigarette Card Books

I have come across a couple of very useful books in my persuit of cigarette and trade (mainly cricket) cards.

As I was not around when most of the cards were released the past history eludes me so good reference books is estential.

There are also a couple of good web sites on the net that help as well.

Here is a small list of some that I know about and use. Please contact me if you want information or can supply more information on refernec books. I really would like to set up a group of collectors that want to share information and resources on cricket cards. My era is mainly the Bradman Era and I consider trying to get the players around Bradman a strong prioity. I am always open to conversations about cricket players and cards. I am not an expert but very interetsed now my son has finished his crikcet and the weekends are back to being mine.


Cigarette Cards Australian Issues & Values

Great book by Dion Skinner in 1983. Gives list of cards and some pictures.

I have found this very good for Australian cards.


Australian Trade & Swap Cards

This book is small and fairly useful but does not list the individual cards for the sets.

Cricket Cigarette and Trade Cards by Derek Deadman

With this book and the follow up you can identify a good majority of cricket cards. Book books are extremely helpfully and easy to use. Anyone who wants a card identified and you have not got this book email me and I would be gald to help out if I can.


Cricket Cigarette and Trade Cards - A further listing by Allan Harris & Geoff Seymour

Very helpful book for cricket card collectors found an annonous set of 1948 cricketers that I have and then could verify that I had the complete set. This edition picks up a few misses adn error in the Deadman book. really need both books together to get the correct identification sometimes 

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