Refund tip for Australians.

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Ever purchased an item on eBay and when you received it, the item was
  • Wrong one ?
  • Faulty ?
  • Damaged ?
  • Not as Described ?
Have you ever then questioned the reason for this, was it a sheer mistake, was it intended to rip you off. Something else maybe ?Have you then contacted the seller and they have agreed on a refund, but now your thinking.... hmmm what if I send this item back and the seller keeps my money and keeps the item. !!! THIS DOES HAPPEN !!!.. Actually has happened twice to me.

Try COD (Cash On Delivery).  COD at least gives you peace of mind that the seller will not be able to take your money and the item and run, so to speak.  The seller will have no choice but to pay the full amount owing i.e. the total of your Won Item.  You can either both pay half the COD and Postage fee or make some other agreement on the fees involved.  COD is $6.60.

This is probably more guided towards people who are paying with  Direct Deposit.  You have a bit more to stand on when using PayPal, although MAKE DAMN SURE YOU SEND THE ITEM BACK WITH TRACKING !!!, what happened to me was I shipped the item back using normal postage, the seller refunded me, then filed a claim against me that they never received the item, so PayPal reversed the refund for my refund and the seller walked away with my money and the item. Simple as that.
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