Refurbished IPODS

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I notice lots of refurbished IPODS being advertised on EBAY so did some market research.  Many are sold with short warranty periods (3 months) and generally buyers appear happy with their purchases.

I have also noticed that many (not all) are being sold for sums not far short of the new price, and when taking account for postage, many are selling for amounts far exceeding the price you can buy a refurbished IPOD from Apple Store, where postage is included in the price and you get a 12 month warranty.

Obviously there are some bargains on Ebay I've seen Ipod Touch's go far cheaper on Ebay than the Apple Store.

I'm considering an 80GB Ipod Classic.  I know I can buy one from the Apple store for A$229 (inc postage and 12 mth warranty) so I'm certainly not going to pay over $200, plus postage and only get a 3 month warranty.  For my mind, the risks of buying on Ebay and associated warranty shortfall make it only worthwhile if I can pick one up for A$150 - A$170 incl. postage. But then again, everyone is different and obviously some people just don't market research properly!!!
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