Registering a Chopper Motorcycle (Harley) - Roadworthy

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Registering a ‘Chopper’ Motorcycle in Australia with the Road Traffic Authority (RTA) / VicRoads / Dept of Transport and Main Roads. Chopper Frames..

Most people just customise a ‘chopper’ motorcycle from a stock standard purchased bike with no engineers certificate or RTA involvement required but this guide is for building a Chopper from the ground up.

NOTE: Always contact your insurance company before and after any customization and get it in writing that you are and will be still covered.

Within Australia we have many different legalities, rules and policies and Departments in each Australian State to register a Harley Davidson or other ‘Chopper’ motorcycle, and each and every separate Australian State is governed by different rules, but basically all the same process.

Usually the Road Traffic Authorities employees do not have a clue on what you need to do and you roll up to register your bike and get a number plate and they just knock it back hoping you don’t come back.

The very first thing is to find a Qualified Vehicle Engineer registered with the RTA who can supply a list of engineers or searching the Web may help..  You need to find a good one! As everything comes back to him, there are some who charge heaps, shonkies etc, so ask around the chopper shops, bike mechanics.

Not only will the engineer be checking welds, structural strengths,
Raking of forks, brakes but everything and will be issuing you a Certificate to have the vehicle registered.
Best to show your plans first rather than pay and come back time after time as I’ve found engineers extremely expensive.

If you think you can roll up with 20 inch over forks and a tractor tyre on the back forget it! This is a show bike driven to bike shows on a trailer and not on the road. I know one rule regards front forks and length and rake which is a Harley Softail is about the maximum allowed.

If you or a welder have built the ‘Frame’ it obviously does not come with a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) which is required, nor if you purchase just a frame from a dealer. The engineer once given you the ‘Certificate’ you can go to the RTA and ask for your VIN number which they issue and tell you where it is to be stamped on the frame.

Go back and the engineer should stamp the VIN on for you.
If you have bought a New motor it will be stamped with identification.

You are then all legal, roll up to the RTA, Certificate in hand, pay for your registration and receive your legal number plate..  The engineers Cert. Will also help for insurance…

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