Renovating a Bathroom on an eBay Budget

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Renovating your bathroom on a budget

Renovations as we all know can be expensive, but once again eBay comes to the rescue as being the most useful place I have ever found for renovating! Almost anything you can think of can be found online from tap fittings to IXL-tastics, toilets to mirror cabinets; if only you know where to look and how to search smartly!

My eBay renovation obsession began when I snapped up a beautiful near-new pedestal vanity (pictured below) for 99c! I couldn't believe it, until I started searching I had no idea how much money I could save (more below) renovating this way - and best of all I could do it all from home - no more getting to Bunnings only to discover I left all my measurements at home - haven't we all done that at one point?

Tips for buying Fittings & Accessories

  • Search eBay stores, rather than a general search. Go to the 'Buy' page and click 'eBay Stores search' in the top bar
  • Search for 'items in stores' rather than a store name - you will usually get a broader return of listings
  • Try and find a store that sells everything you want, that way you can buy all of your accessories from one place and save on postage, which can be expensive when dealing with fittings and taps which are stainless steel.
  • Have a look and price match to Bunnings, Reece plumbing and Tradelink; find the brands and the styles you like and that way you will have a good idea of not only what you are looking for, but how much you are willing to pay for it.
  • Remember: its only a bargain if it costs less (including postage in the final price) and will add value to your bathroom.
  • If you live near a captial city (or are willing to drive to one like me!) than ask a seller if you can pick items up after purchase. Often some sellers operate out of warehouses and what you see on ebay may only be a small portion of their stock. But remember to practice safe buying, try and do all your transactions on ebay - that way you are protected.
  • If you search within ebay stores you will find that most of them that specialise in bathroom products stock a line or brand of accessories - this way you can get the matching soap dish, towel rack, toothbrush holder and toilet roll holder in one go. Often you will get a discount too for spending a certain amount of money in a store (e.g. sales over $200 - free express post).

Tiles, Toilets and Larger items

  • Don't be scared to search - you can buy many of your larger items from eBay including baths, showers, mirror cabinets - even toilets!
  • Many ebay stores dealing in these larger products often have real stores (or warehouses) where you can go and view the items prior to bidding
  • Don't be blinded by brand names! As the daughter of a plumber I have been taught that quality is quality and in some instances, you really are only paying more money for a brand name. Be willing to let go of these big brands and accept that in most instances a tap really is only a tap. Sometimes it is worth it to put this extra money into other things - this is where ebay will save you lots of cash!

And Just to Prove I'm not Lying...

I have included a list below of my bathroom renovation purchases from eBay (also some sellers); the savings speak for themselves:

  1. Polyurethane Mirror Shaving Cabinet: ebay cost $120.00, RRP* $285.00 = SAVED $165.00 Seller: Renovation D
  2. White Porcelain vanity: ebay cost $0.99c, RRP* 355.00 = SAVED $354.01
  3. Bath Screen with 8mm Safety Glass: ebay cost $190.00, RRP* $465.00 = SAVED 275.00 Seller: Young Shower Screens
  4. 7sqm Granite Floor Tiles: ebay cost $99.00, RRP* $350.00 = SAVED $251.00 Renovation Inc
  5. Heller Brand 3 in 1 Bathroom heater: eBay cost $80.00, RRP* $179.00 = SAVED $99.00 Hisen Online
  6. Stainless Steel Tap sets - Bath & Shower: ebay cost $83.00, RRP* $164.95 = SAVED $81.95 Tim's Renovation World
  7. Stainless Steel drain cover: ebay cost $8.00, RRP* 22.00 = SAVED $14.00 Tim's Renovation World
  8. White Porcelain dual flush toilet: ebay cost $175.00, RRP* $365.00 = SAVED $190.00 One Stop Renovation
  9. Stainless Steel towel ring, toilet paper holder & soap dish: ebay cost $57.90, RRP* $85.95 = SAVED $28.05 Baz Ari Bathroom

ebay Total: $813.89 vs. *RRP Total $2,271.90 = SAVED $1,458.01!

* Recommended Retail Price based on an average cost @ Bunnings, Reece Plumbing & Tradelink stores

So there you have it! Happy bargain hunting eBayers - enjoy your renovations!

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