Repair, Replace or Refund

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If there is a problem with a product, you must accept a free repair if the it is offered to you.

If the product cannot be fixed or within reasonable time you can
- ask for a replacement
- ask for a refund

Replacements and refunds

You can ask for a replacement or refund if the problem with the product is major.

Replaced products must be of an identical type to the product originally purchase. 

Refunds should be the same amount you have already paid, provided in the same form as your original payment.
The business may take into account how much time has passed since you bought the product considering the following factors:

- type of product
- how a consumer is likely to use the product
- the length of time for which it is reasonable for the product to be used
- the amount of use it could reasonably be expected to tolerate before the failure becomes noticeable.

Will not Refund, Replace or Repair any products that is purchased after 14 days , unless other circumstances .

Returning Products

You are entitled to return a product if you believe that there is a problem. You are generally responsible for returning the product if it can be posted or easily returned. You are entitled to recover reasonable postage or transportation costs from the business if the product is confirmed to have a problem, so keep your receipts.

When a product is too large, too heavy or too difficult to remove, the business is responsible for paying the shipping costs or collecting the product within a reasonable time of being notified of the problem. Examples include:

- a wide screen TV
- a bed
- an extension ladder stuck in the extended position
- a product that has been subsequently installed, like a stove or a dishwasher.

If the product is found not to have problem, you may be required to pay the transport or inspection costs. An estimate of these costs should be provided to you before the product is collected, and the costs must not be inflated in an attempt to deter you from pursuing your claims.

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