Repair a pianola roll

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Replace Flanges

(Ends of  the Roll which click into the Pianola)

FLANGES Can Be Purchsed - If you are skilled you can carve your own!!

Broken Flanges can :

cause the sides of the roll to Tear.

stop the roll from tracking  (playing) correctly


Left side just slip old one out and new one in, you can glue if preferrred.

(use general purpose glue)

Right Side Flange (Facing The Pianola Roll Window)

This is usually glued firmly into the roll. To remove this Flange you will need to:

 play the roll thru to the end

Carefully detatch roll paper (while roll is still clipped into the Pianola)gently drop and leave on Pianola DO NOT REMOVE. (You may need to trim the very end off the paper  if it is uneven so that it aligns with the tube later, but cut minimum amount possible.)

Take out the now empty  tube with the broken flange.

Stand it in a cup of water for about 4 hours

Take out and carefully slip the flange out (which should now be loose)  If it is still firmly stuck soak it longer.

Once the flange is removeod leave the tube to dry thoroughtly. If it is a little frayed once dry  go over the WHOLE tube EVENLYwith Scotch Magic Tape to strengthen but only if necessary. (You can purchase new tubes)

Slip the right hand flange into place gluing with general purpose glue (as well as the other left hand sie).

Clip the empty tube now with ends onto the Pianola

Gently take the end o the Pianola Roll music paper (which should be left undisturbed  on the Pianola during this time and slightly trimmed to straighten if needed) and aigning it to be straight and centred  in between flanges without overlap glue it down onto the  tube again in 3 places (or all along).

Leave to let glue dry.

Rewind the roll.


These are a Major problem with rolls

Can Cause rolls to slip out of place when playing if alternative methods are used or they are not centred properly when replaced. Can also lead to roll tearing.

WHEN PLACING END TABS (can be purchased)

 Cut away tip of roll where torn and damaged.Tape on (using Scotch Magic Tape or Art Tape) an extra piece of paper to end where piece of roll paper is missing (if missing). (can purchase pianola roll  paper, can aso use paper from old  rolls no longer played)

Take a ruler and align with side of angled end  part of roll, extend a line to tne end and over the paper you have put in place.

Repeat this alaong the other angled section of the roll end so that the two lines meet

cut along these 2 lines

reinforce sides with tape

Place end hook at point where the 2 lines meet. (end tabs are self sticking, with peel off backs so do not need glue.)


  can stop rolls from playing correctly

can lead to further tearing as it tends to catch as the roll plays and rewnds



 This is a tricky area to repair

DO NOT - Mend with heavy tapes, it will stop the roll playing correctly

DO NOT Cut uneven edges away - this will stop flange guidng roll and it will not play correctly.

 If taping be careful not to buckle the paper, this wil  cause the roll  paper to lift and it will not paly proprly.

 To mend the sides you need very light tape.

There is a special tape that can be imported which is somewhat exensive. ($50 for  60 metes)

Optional tape to use (as advised by other people) is the Scotch Magc tape, but will need to cut the width down.

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