Repairing Metal Roofing 101

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How to Repair Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a common residential and commercial product that can easily be repaired or replaced when a handy homeowner is equipped with the proper knowledge and materials. While roofing usually lasts for more than 20 years in optimal conditions, small problems could arise at any time. Limbs, hail, and flying debris could punch a hole through a roof. On the other hand, routine wear and tear could lead to rust that may cause leaks. Here are a few tips for homeowners who have experienced problems with their metal roofing.

Repairing Leaks on Metal Roofing

Leaks are one of the most common problems that can affect sheet metal roofing. The issue may be the result of damaged flashing or panels that have corroded. To identify a leak, homeowners have several options. An easy way to identify the source of a leak is to inspect the plywood sheathing from inside a home’s attic. It may be easy to see where water is entering a home without having to get on the roof itself.
Homeowners can work with a partner who can spray water onto the roof. As the water is sprayed, one person can watch for any leaks from inside the attic. Many times, water enters the home as a building shifts during the ageing process. Chimneys, skylights, and wall intersections are all common areas to look for leaks. When the problem is identified, the leak can be repaired by replacing the damaged flashing, installing a new panel, or adding sealant to the problem area.

Replacing Damaged Panels

Metal roofing comes manufactured in sheets that are about one metre wide. The panels usually extend from the eaves to the roof’s peak. If a large portion of a panel is damaged, homeowners can remove the entire sheet and replace it with a product that has the same colour and design. To replace a panel, any screws that hold the product in place must be removed. If sealant is used to join adjacent panels, it can be removed with a standard razor blade, and the panel can be pried up with a crowbar. When replacing a panel, it’s essential to use screws that have a rubber gasket on the top. Seams should also be sealed before fastening a panel in place.

Patching Rust Spots

Rust spots can be unsightly and may cause further problems, but a simple patch could eliminate the problem. While patching, it’s essential to properly prepare the area by removing any standing rust. A drill that is outfitted with a sanding pad or wire brush can strip away any damaged material. Patches should be cut slightly larger than the hole, and the surface should be coated with a sealant before the patch is installed. To fasten the patch, self-tapping screws that are outfitted with rubber grommets can hold the new metal patch in place while forming a leak-proof seal.

Recoating a Metal Roof

Many metal roofing materials can last for decades when properly maintained. After a roof’s original paint starts to fade, a new coating can rejuvenate a roof’s appearance and add several more years to the product’s lifespan. Metal roof coatings can be installed with a roller or a sprayer. Before painting, setting up a safe working area is essential. Homeowners should be sure that a ladder is safely attached to a home’s eaves and use appropriate fall protection. Larger roofs that have steep pitches may be best trusted with a professional contractor who has a commercial lift to reach the roof in a safe manner, or a homeowner could rent a lift for a weekend DIY project.

Finding Metal Roofing Repair Products on eBay

eBay offers shoppers access to a wide variety of home improvement products. To look for roofing products or Colourbond Roofing Panels," they can enter the exact term into the main eBay search bar. After entering a keyword, the page will return a variety of products that can be further narrowed based on price range, free postage, or seller location. Shoppers can choose to bid on item auctions or purchase right away through “Buy It Now” listings.


Fixing a metal roof doesn’t take a professional’s touch. Using a few simple tools and instructions, homeowners can protect their property from further damage and save a bundle by shopping for materials over eBay.

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