Replace January blues with January shoes.

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Happy new year everybody, Hope you have all had a fabulous Christmas.

After the party season January can be somewhat depressing for most. After all the fun and excitement its suddenly time to get back to reality, back to work and back to early mornings.  Suddenly you are left with realisation of how much money you have spent during the last month.

Not a great month!

But on a positive note it is the start of a brand new year, it’s a new start for us all and many people will take the opportunity to vow to change something about themselves within the New Year.

What are your new year’s resolutions?

I have promised myself a restyle this year, I want to change my whole wardrobe and introduce something new, something more interesting.

Out with the old and in with the new! Now of course money is tight right now, especially straight after Christmas! But I’m in no rush to accomplish my mission. I have a whole year ahead of me.

My plan is to start with the less expensive ways to update my style and then throw in the odd treats along the way, whenever I can afford to do so.

Did you know that a pair of shoes alone can instantly transform any outfit?

Take a simple pair of jeans for example, if worn with flats you can create a casual day look but then by adding fabulous heels those same jeans can be instantly transformed into something gorgeously glamorous.

Shoes are a good place to start when it comes to updating your style. Clothes you may no longer have the desire to wear can suddenly become alive again when worn with the correct pair of shoes.

Girls Obsession has an array of affordable and stylish shoes to help update any outfit and is a good place to start. Some of you may be wondering what to spend you Christmas money on?

Or maybe you have been given store vouchers that simply do not appeal to you? Girls you could trade your vouchers for cash with someone and come shoe shopping instead?

Shoes are the focal point to any look, everyone notices shoes.

Remember those small changes can make a HUGE difference.

So girls, a New Year equals a new you so what are you waiting for?  banish the January blues and replace with some fabulous shoes!

Shhh, I won’t tell if you don’t!

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