Replacing Ignition Coils and Performance Coil Packs

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Faulty Coil Symptons

Over time your ignition coils deteriorate and become inefficient and can have varying symptons from miss-fires, sluggish performance, stalling,  flat spots in power delivery and  almost always excessive fuel consumption. Good news is they are easily replaced.

Ignition Coil Replacement

The good news is they are quite easy to replace and can be purchased   here.

The process to replace is quite straightforward but results are not always immediate as explained below.
Firstly it is always good practice to disconnect the negative terminal from the battery before commencing. Then you can disconnect the electrical plug from each coil and remove any securing bolts.

It is also a good time to replace your spark plugs when you have gone this far and it will see the best results from your new coils. There are such an array of plugs and it is critical you install the correct type.

 Keep all bolts and  clamps safe and reinstall in reverse process.

See quality OEM, aftermarket and performance Ignition coils with warranty in my store as well as many other engine sensors, fuel pumps etc in  MY STORE.

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