Reposting your Items

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Posting an auction at eBay can be tedious and time-consuming -- there are so many choices to make, and you want to be so careful about what you say in the description that you could wind up spending fifteen minutes or even half an hour. If your items are likely to sell for under $10, you can't afford spending that much time. If at all possible, sell a series of items that have much in common, so you can reuse your choices and descriptions as much as possible when posting new similar items.
I occasionally print out a page with all my auctions (either using the My eBay feature or doing a search for myself as seller). That list includes the auction numbers which I can use to see an old auction long after it has ended. When I want to post a new item that is similar to one in an old auction of mine, I do a search for that old auction number, then click on "relist", make the few necessay edits (including the URL for the new photo), and submit the result as a new auction.
When I am in a mode of selling a variety of items that don't have much in common, I still do a "relist" from an old auction -- because many of the basic choices will be the same for me (like accepting credit card payment) regardless of what I'm selling, and, aside from the time factor, I don't want to inadvertently make a mistake that could prove embarrassing or costly. I also maintain a few Word documents with standard information I'd want to include in any auction, and copy the pieces that I need into the description, keeping original writing for any given item to an absolute minimum.

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