Reproduction Art, Prints and Photographs

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Many "would be" art collectors are put off by the high prices commanded for original works by famous painters or photographers.

Nothing looks better on a wall than a well executed painting or a stunning, visually engaging photograph.

Master works and original photographs sell for many hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, not only here on ebay, but at auction houses around the world.

While it is particularly engaging to own, "the real thing", a professionally, well crafted reproduction from an honest dealer can, and does,  have that same appeal.

This is especially true of reproduction photographs or drawings.  These "reproductions" cost only a fraction of the price of the real thing and, when produced professionally, they can hardly be detected as a reproduction.

Please note the use of the word "reproduction", and not "copy".

When you see the word "reproduction", which any self respecting seller will ensure is clearly indicated in the title and text of the item, you know you will be receiving a truly marvellous piece of art of which you can be proud.

As an indication, I own an original, Matisse print. I also own several professionally produced reproductions of other famous artists and photographers, and most of my friends do not believe the works I have on show are reproductions... in fact one friend insists the Picasso is the "fake" and the reproductions are the real thing.

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