Researching your item for sale

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As a seller, I find it absolutely vital to know about the item I am selling. This not only helps you learn the true value, but also offers information to others about an item of interest. It is a simple process, educational and a great service to others when accurate information is listed; include as much information as possible which eliminates the need to embellish. For example; listing the make, material, origin & age and anything about the history that you can source will help buyers. Wikipedia is a useful tool for this and when searching this glossary of terms, you are automatically given links to related terms or definitions thus expanding your avenues for finding information on any particular object. Search engines like google will also take you to many websites which may offer details. Buyers don't really need to know who owned it before you, why you are selling it or what type of home it comes from...this does not enhance a sale at all. What does help is knowledge and interesting facts. I have found ebay to be a good avenue for seeking knowledge on any category as it is a global market and now very widely used.
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