Resistance band exercise vs treadmill, ab circle, etc

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Discover the system designed by Physios that will

build muscle, burn calories and improve your vitality and longevity. 

All in only 35 minutes!

9 Benefits of the Tube Train Exercise System

  1. Designed and used by Australian Physiotherapists
  2. Complete system for full body workout
  3. Designed for people of all ages and fitness levels
  4. Cost effective
  5. Small and portable so it can be used at home, outdoors, in the office or whilst away on business trips or holidays.  Packs into a bag a little longer than a shoe box and weighs less than a kilo
  6. Workouts are only 35 minutes - easy!
  7. The DVD and booklet included has easy step-by-step instructions and 2 x 35 minute workouts
  8. Strengthens your abs and core muscles
  9. Great music to keep you pumped up and energetic.

So as you can see there is no need to

  • take up space in the bedroom, lounge or garage for a treadmill or other large exercise equipment or
  • spend a lot of money or
  • have a number of machines to exercise your whole body or
  • spend hours of your precise time exercising or travelling to a class

                                            if you choose to use the Tube Train Exercise System

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