Responding to negative feedback

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Firstly, i'm not doing this to attack people who leave negative feedback. This is simply for my own customers understanding of why i myself may have received or given a negative comment.And also advice on how to best deal with negative feedback and comments. For one, I don't leave neg feedback for others without first trying to solve the situation amicably. Even then negative feedback that i may give will not be rude or blunt but informative for potential customers. This is how all feedback should be given whether it is positive, neutral or negative. Unfortunately there are some people out there who simply "don't give a shit" and must find some revenge, excitement or relief in leaving negative feedback when it's not called for. It's a shame that ebay is ruined and disadvantaged by these people but what can you do? You take it on your chin and feel remorse not for yourself but for the person who left the negative feedback (unless of course it is deserved and you are your own judge on that). Don't feel encouraged to be mean in return. Although we all love to read the negative stuff it's not helping us or allowing us to make informed decisions. The only thing it is good for is to show people how effectively you can deal with unappreciative customers or businesses.

Your reply to the neg feedback should be tactful and only in regards to the item. Personal attacks provide no information to those who read it and put simply... is a waste of your time. It's hard to say everything you need to in such a small number of allowed characters so cut to the chase, think point form and forget your grammer skills. In my current situation i purchased goods from *FF* and when i received them they were of a poor quality that is not visable online. I expected high quality silk rose petals but instead i got oversized, fraying and poorly "cut out" petals. And although the description says silk... they look and feel nothing like real silk flowers. So what did i do? Nothing. That's the risk we take when we buy online through ebay. It's cheap and as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. I wasn't going to waste my time stuffing around by demanding refunds or return posting the item so i just left a neutral feedback comment that i felt was informative to their clients. I said they were too big, not life like as suggested, not great in quality but i still considered them good enough to use at my wedding. Almost immediately i received negative feedback that attacked my comment by suggesting i was lying and that their product is great. Well... it's not. If it was great i would have had no need for even a neutral comment but i found it interesting that they felt the need to attack a neutral and informative comment with a negative one. At first i was upset but then i read through the comments that they had left for others and found that they send a negative to every person who gives them neutral. When you see this many negatives you have to start wondering why. In my oppinion negative comments are more so used in defence of someone trying to sell a crappy product. People who try to mark or hurt you with criticism are only unhappy within themselves and their own product. Admitting to this would obviously ruin future sales so being negative is the only way they know how to compensate for their insecurities.

Having said all of this though, some negatives are deserved and unfortunately we will never know which are true and which are false without having heard the whole story and circumstances. But you can make it easier to interpret starting now. Tread very carefully and don't leave comments that invite a negative response. If you are nice and informative about the product within your feedback there is no need for a negative reply or any retaliation. If you get one in response don't worry, people who shop online are not dumb, they will easily see who is telling the truth and who is overreacting providing the right information is there. Make sure you read up on your potential customer or business. Find the reasons within the feedback and ask yourself if they would be acceptable to you. You should also read the comments left for others/replies to see how they respond to negative and neutral comments. Do they handle them cautiously, are they understanding, helpful or sincere? Or are they unforgiving, aggressive, condescending or arrogant?

I know which type of person that i want to do business with... Do you?
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