Review: Logitech Ultimate Ears Boom vs. Jambox

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Review: Logitech Ultimate Ears Boom vs. Jambox

When the Jawbone Jambox originally hit the scene, it started a revolution in Bluetooth compatible speakers. The fact that the speaker was really the only option when it first came out led to decent reviews for the Jambox. Time has passed, though, and people can now decide between the Jambox or Logitech's Ultimate Ears (UE) Boom speakers. It's important to consider various factors before deciding between the two.


The Party Factor

One of the reasons people fell in love with Bluetooth integrated speakers is the fact that they provide easily portable music at all times. This makes throwing an outdoor party much more convenient than the days when an entire stereo system had to be dragged out back.

When compared to each other, the UE Boom beats out the Jambox when it comes to outdoor use. The sound given off by the UE Boom is both ambient and loud regardless of the situation, and while the Jambox can hold its own indoors, a heavy wind could drown out most of its noise once out in the elements.

In reality, though, the sound that emanates from the UE Boom is just louder. The specs say it all: the lower frequency ranges of the two speakers are the same, while UE Boom's max range is a full 10Hz higher. It manages this without distortion, and while its bass leaves a little to be desired, the overall sound quality is amazing.


Aesthetic Properties

It's never a good idea to choose Bluetooth-enabled speakers based on aesthetic qualities. When choosing a speaker, there are numerous things to consider that aren't related to looking nice, but it doesn't hurt to at least know how pretty they are.

In this realm, most people would likely agree that the Jambox takes the cake. It is a rectangular box that can sit proudly atop any entertainment system or shelf. It comes in a variety of different colours and textured appearances. The choices available can scream anything from "alternative" to "hipster."

The UE Boom, on the other hand, is a cylindrical speaker that stands tall on one end. While it may not appear as stylish as the Jambox to some, it definitely makes up for this in ease of use. A ring on the end of the speaker, for instance, allows the UE Boom to be attached to key chains, strings, wall mounts or whatever else you can imagine. There are even carrying cases, along with other accessories, that are equipped to utilise this feature while protecting the speaker.


Battery Life

This is one area that the Jambox and UE Boom end up being equal in. Both the UE Mini Boom and the Jambox Mini claim to have a battery life of around 10 hours. Of course, individuals knowledgeable on the issue know this basically equates to upwards of nine hours of continuous use battery.

It should be noted, though, that the Mini Jambox, still costs more than the UE Mini Boom. Considering the increase in sound quality, though, the UE Mini Boom would seem like the logical choice even if the price points were the same. In addition, if one started looking at other Logitech speakers, the advantages of opting out of the Jambox could keep piling up.

Jambox enthusiasts shouldn't get too excited about similar battery power in mini versions. This is because the traditional UE Boom still trounces its competition in battery life. While the Jambox offers 10 hours of continuous play, the UE Boom offers a max of 15 hours. These times will obviously vary due to issues such as audio content and volume, but it's hard to imagine Jambox making up for that deficiency.



While range wouldn't seem like a big issue, since music can be played off of an iPhone or similar device, there are still times when a larger range will come in handy. Much like many of the other features, the UE Boom seems to come out on top, yet again.

When it comes to the Jambox, Jawbone lists its range as just over 10 metres. Switching over to the UE Boom, Logitech reports that the Boom's range is up to 15 metres. There's no doubt that the UE Boom's range is significantly larger than that of the Jambox.



While there are some instances, though very few, when the Jambox comes out on top, those who opt to find a UE Boom from online retailers will likely end up happier. Even better is the fact that it's possible to save money by purchasing through online retailers. Though the Jambox was once the best considering that it had no legitimate competition, those days are now long gone.

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