Review: MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro

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Review: MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro

In 2014, the MacBook is as popular a computer as ever. Apple is known for its reliable laptops and their superior ability to handle graphics. Currently, there are two types of MacBooks on the market: the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. Both of these laptops are available at similar prices, although buyers can sometimes save money on laptop purchase or get a deal. The guide below will help buyers decide which computer will best fit their needs.


MacBook Pro Offers More Power

The main difference between the two machines is that the MacBook Pro offers a higher-power processor than the MacBook Air. For the casual user, the amount of power doesn’t make that much of a difference; both machines have the ability to run word processing, spreadsheet, and other standard programs.

Users who require sophisticated programmes to complete particular tasks, however, will need the extra power the MacBook Pro provides. For example, graphic designers who need to use the Adobe suite of programmes will want to invest in the MacBook Pro because this laptop is more likely to be able to handle the memory and processing demands of these programmes.


MacBook Pro Offers Better Graphics

In addition to a more powerful processor, the MacBook Pro offers higher-end graphics. This is not only important to graphic designers, who will require the sharper, crisper images the MacBook Pro can produce in order to design items that meet client specifications, but also to gamers. Video games often require higher-end computers for graphics to display correctly; in some cases, games will not run at all if the graphics card does not meet specifications.


MacBook Air is More Portable

The MacBook Air is a far more portable device than the MacBook Pro. It is smaller, screen sizes range from 11.6 in to 13.3 in, whilst the MacBook Pro ranges from 13.3 in to cm. The smaller size correlates to a smaller weight for the MacBook Air – on average, it weighs less than 1.4 kg. whilst the Pro can weigh over 2 kg – making it easier to carry around. Thus, those who plan to use their computers in coffee shops, pubs, or at school will want to purchase the Air rather than the Pro. However, users should keep in mind that smaller screen sizes can be less readable. Thus, if you plan to do a lot of typing or on-screen reading, the larger MacBook Pro may be a better buy.


MacBook Pro has Retina Screens

Retina screens are available only on the MacBook Pro. These screens use the latest technology to display sharper, clearer images. Users who watch a lot of videos or who plan to import a tonne of photographs will want to use the Pro because of its sharper display. The display is also easier on the eyes, making the Pro the better choice for those who have to do a lot of on-screen work.


The MacBook Air Has Better Battery Life

The Pro’s superior graphics, display, and processing abilities require extra energy. Thus, the battery doesn’t last as long. This can be inconvenient if doing work away from the desk, as Internet cafes and other places where one might want to sit down with a computer are not always equipped with enough power outlets for the number of users in the shop. Although users can purchase an extended life battery for the Pro on eBay, they will need to visit an Apple store to have it installed, which can be costly as well as inconvenient.



Although the MacBook Pro is a more top-of-the-line computer than the MacBook Air, it is not for everybody. Those who really need the extra features the Pro provides should take advantage, but those who want a computer than can do the basics and can be used away from the home or office should consider investing in the Air instead.

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