Review of Kawai K3 by Carlingford Music Centre

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Review of Kawai K3 by Carlingford Music Centre
If you are looking for a Piano that represents true value! for your hard earned dollar this model will defiantly go the distance, you would be hard pressed to find another piano regardless of brand or model within this price range to surpass the fantastic results we along with many of our clients friends and Music Teachers have experienced from the KAWAI K3
As far as Tone, Tambre, Touch and performance this magnificent instrument represents the panicle of KAWAI‘s long history of production of fine Musical Instruments. The state of art engine design (we call the action) is made from carbon fibre and the scaling of the sting is phenomenal, squeezing every bit of sound possible out of it’s 122cm height cabinet and with the combination of the wooden Solid Sitka Soundboard throws a almost 3D encompassing sound to easily satisfy the most discerning Piano Player all the way up to professional standard.
When this instrument is professional set up by a long established & authorised Kawai Piano Dealership at the beginning of your ownership, it will represents a long term investment to your musical future with a sturdy and low maintenance regime to keep your hand from having to dig into your wallet to often keep your instrument running smoothly (but don’t forget you still need to tune any acoustic Piano at least once a year?)
For more info on making the correct Piano purchase contact Ned at CMC 02 9873 2333


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