Review of Teksta Scooby-Doo Robotic Dog

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The Teksta Scooby Doo Robotic Dog is a product that both robotics fans and families will be eager to see. The Scooby Doo model is a recent addition to the Teksta lineup coming to the market this year, and hopefully it will arrive in time for Christmas.


What Is the Teksta Scooby Doo Robotic Dog?

Building on the tradition of robotic toys, the Teksta Scooby Doo Robotic Dog can interact with its owner in many different ways. Like other models before it, the Teksta Scooby Doo Robotic Dog takes cues from its owner and responds, doing tricks and accommodating all sorts of interactive play. For example, this electronic puppy will respond when you pet it, while also responding to light and sound stimulus. A major selling point of the new model is its advancements in interactivity; a child doesn’t just get a toy, she gets a companion who provides many hours of unattended play. Robotic toys are swiftly changing the ways we think of playthings.


Tricks and Moves

The new Teksta Scooby Doo Robotic Dog model comes with additional abilities, including back flips and other tricks. Ball and bone accessories make this model even more lifelike, as it responds to human speech and emotions. Reviews show this robot responding to hand gestures to “heel,” sensing its toy bone, and fetching a ball, then releasing it with a shuffle. The Teksta Scooby Doo Robotic Dog even has programmed emotions signalled by different kinds of noises, including barking and laughing. With a combination of head gestures and walking movements, this puppy will also dance on command. Then, when the sun goes down, the Teksta Scooby Doo Robotic Dog will actually go to sleep.

Using conventional battery power and an array of sensors, these new mobile, interactive models seem as animated as a real pup.


Tablet Control

Another big feature of this new toy is a corresponding application for new toys, and while the tablet interface comes with strict instructions (e.g. keep tablet less than half a metre from the puppy, and turn speakers toward the robot), the tablet interactivity illustrates how Teksta is helping these toys evolve, as earlier models did not have tablet remote control features.

Look for this toy when it becomes available, and check out the extensive training resources that will help your child get the most out of this state-of-the-art canine robot.

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