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"This book with beautiful illustrations could be read in a number of different ways and is open to interpretation. It begins with a wonderful image of a garden where anything is possible. The story is told using a web of metaphors, challenging readers to search for the true meaning. The inhabitants become aware of another land they can visit. However, once they cross the bridge there is no return - for they seem to forget where they came from. The temptation to see what is over there wins many over but one person decides to set out on the journey, determined to remember the way back. If you are after a book that definitely makes you think and take the first step to awakening your inner child, then this book is for you." - Iolande Skinner, Conscious Living

"The Garden is a gentle tale illustrating the perennial quest for spiritual transformation. Told in a style of folk narrative, it has a simplicity and charm to captivate the child seeker in every heart."
- Linda Low, Anthropologist

"A moving story that beautifully opens one's eyes to life's possibilities. The more times I read the words, the more enlightened I become."
- Louise Elaerts, West Australian Symphony Orchestra

"I just wanted to say thank you and to express my appreciation for your assistance in transforming my life."
– Maree Even, M.Psych Clinical Psychologist

"Hello Robin, I have just called your clinic because I wanted to talk to you personally about your beautiful book "The Garden." I actually didn't get to it until 10:30 pm last night and as I picked it up I noticed a difference in my breathing and just felt as I looked at it, that it was going to be important. Even as I am typing this message I am unable to do so without feeling a tear in my eye. When I was reading through your book last night I also felt quite consciously more open and was aware of my breathing."
- Catherine Mercer, Editor, The Art of Healing


"The e-book is stunning, beautiful, and magical, and you have done a wonderful job in making the illustrations come alive.  The music is lovely as well"
Michelle Beake, Western Australia

"I'm absolutely blown away by your kind gesture AND this beautiful creation you've put together here. I LOVE it! Thank you so so much!
I've posted the links on my FB page again, and I will continue to do so. Everybody needs to own these books! And I will do my bit to help promote them. I can't wait to get mine! I'm already thinking about Christmas presents. The words, pictures and music have been put together beautifully. It really is a pleasure to look at and listen to. It gave me such a feeling of well-being and serenity, that I became a part of it." - Joan Vella Gambin, Malta


"I just received your book "Puri" that I ordered last month. I love it; it's very touching and beautiful. 4 years ago I travelled to Bali, and it has remained in my soul ever since.  As a veterinary technician, I wasn't used to the Balinese dogs roaming the island, mistreated etc.  It broke my heart.  When I discovered this book and that you were going to donate 10% to the Bali Street dog foundation, I was touched.  It's a treasure, artistically as well as the style of writing and incorporating the Balinese/Indonesian language. It's a wonderful book, thank you for creating it.  Amanda's artwork is magical. Thank you again."
- Marie DeStefanis, Vallejo, California

"Thank you! I am absolutely in love with this book and will be giving it to my niece as a birthday gift from our dogs. The book is absolutely beautiful."
- Tonya Gabrielli


"A deeply thought provoking spiritual journey with many insights into the soul." - Joshua Davis, Psychologist

There is a spiritual awakening happening on a massive scale and is growing exponentially. Learn to voyage to a new world perception and come to know your true, spiritual reason for being here.


"Taken to a deeper world of understanding who we really are."
- Anonymous

"I feel as though the words have drawn me into a place within, where my thoughts slow, allowing me to visualise and experience a flower's journey. ."
- Michelle Buckley
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