Rhodium Plating and caring for your white gold rings

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White Gold and Rhodium Plating Rings
Rhodium plating is a superb finish that is used on 18ct and 9ct white gold jewellery and sometimes sterling silver. As gold is naturally a yellow colour, white gold is made with other white metals to appear white in colour.
For rings the price of plating can vary from $60 to $120 and larger pieces a lot more. The jewellery is plated with hardwearing metal which is about 25% dearer than gold.
The process is quite detailed; firstly the piece of jewellery is polished to a high polish and then it's placed in an electrolyzed Rhodium solution bath where a layer of rhodium is deposited onto the surface of the white gold jewellery.
Most people who have white gold jewellery prefer to rhodium plate their pieces every 6 to 12 months, and it usually depends on how the jewellery is worn with the length of time it takes to wear off. For example, if you have a rhodium plated ring and it is worn every day you'll find that the bottom of the band will have worn the plating away and it will look a tinge of yellow.
The bottom of the band of the ring may actually wear out between 1 and 3 months. The top of the ring will still look good for between 6- 18 months. The polish and shine will dull just the same as everything else that's highly polished. Everytime the ring is bumped or touched with something harder than the gold it will take a little bit of the shine off. Eventually the ring will become dull and you it is obvious when the ring needs to be plated again. Don't clean your jewellery with anything harsh use a  special cleaning solution  and a  Jewellery Cleaning Cloths to clean your rhodium plated jewellery.
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