Rigging the Most Helpful Rankings

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For those of you who write guides to be helpful and share your experience with other eBay members here's a little warning.

There are lowlifes on eBay who, in their quest for self-promotion and with the belief that a Top 100 Reviewer icon will be good for business, sabotage the ratings of reviewers who are higher-rated than themselves!

They find that, rather than legitimately EARN their helpfulness rating, it is much easier to bring down the ratings of those who are ahead of them by giving all of their guides a "No" vote.  This then decreases the "Yes" percentage of the reviewers above them and advances the lowlife on the ratings ladder.  If they can talk a few other friends into doing it or use second accounts, their target's ratings quickly plummet.
If you have written several guides and each one has been viewed a different number of times but has the same number of "No" votes for each one you can be fairly certain that you've been sabotaged.

Reviewers are especially vulnerable once they reach the lower end of the Top 100.

I suggest that, like the feedback score, eBay only allows one vote per user to be counted in calculating another user's rating, rather than one vote per guide.
I would also suggest that the lowlifes get a life and EARN something for a change!
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