Ring Sizing - Determining your ring size

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The Handy Little Thing That Finds Your Perfect Match

With this handy multisizer ring gauge, be worry-free and be more confident in choosing the right ring that fits you or your loved ones!


  • Avoid measuring your fingers when they are cold, as at these times your fingers are at their smallest.
  • Also, make sure that you can slide the strip chart over your knuckle, before you mark the point.

How Can You Tell The Ring Size Of Your Partner?

  • Why not 'borrow' one of your partner's rings (for the appropriate finger), and slide it down a candle until it fits closely (don't push it to hard).
  • Now you can measure the circumference of the candle at the point at which the ring fits, and use the table below to convert this into a ring size.
  • If you can't get your hands on one of your partner's rings, ask your partner's mother, or close friends – they might know!
Ring Size
Ring Size
A 37.50 N 53.75
B 38.75 O 55.00
C 40.00 P 56.25
D 41.25 Q 57.50
E 42.50 R 58.75
F 43.75 S 60.00
G 45.00 T 61.25
H 46.25 U 62.50
I 47.50 V 63.75
J 48.75 W 65.00
K 50.00 X 66.25
L 51.25 Y 67.50
M 52.50 Z 68.75

Professional Jeweller to Measure your Ring Size

  • Ensure that the jeweller uses a ring sizer of similar width to the ring you are interested in.
  • For example if you are looking for a 6mm wide ring and you have your finger sized with a 3mm wide sizer you may get the false impression of comfort and then when you buy the ring it will feel a bit tight.
  • So if you are buying a narrow ring have your finger size measured with a narrow sizer, if you are buying a ring of over 3mm width, have your finger size measured with a wide sizer.

What a ring sizer can do for you:

  • Gives you confidence to find your correct ring size.
  • Easy to use - works just like a belt!
  • Most accurate and cost effective finger sizer available.
  • Made of soft plastic material and reusable

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